Creative Technologist and partner at Under

I’m a Creative Technologist with +15 years of experience focused mainly on interactive and experience design. Swedish-born and now back in Sweden after have spent time working in Kurdistan, Malaysia and England. I am currently in partnership at Under, a brand- and design agency with digital roots, but I’m also doing some side projects with start-ups, amongst them is Workaround. The range of global experiences have enabled me to develop not only personally but also professionally.

I have a great passion for upholding high standards in both technology and visual design: I care about the viewer’s emotional response to a photograph, as equally as the tech behind a clean and optimised code. I pride myself in staying current on the latest trends in technology and design, and will go the extra mile to ensure that my clients are always satisfied.

Other aspects I’m passioned about includes; fashion, art, typography, music, architecture, gadgets and interior design.For more information, visit me on LinkedIn.